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Your Business Has a Website. Why are you losing 27% Of Sales?

Your business has a website.

why are you losing 27% of sales?

Turns out your page loads a second longer than it should.

a study by SOASTA has revealed the true impact of your slow loading pages.

They analysed data from a prominent online retailers mobile website. They found that a 1 Second difference in  the pages loading speed dropped sales from 28.5% to 1.5%.

That’s 27% of Sales you just lost for loading 1 second longer on a mobile device.
Wait even longer and it gets worse:

 At a 4.2 Second loading time, conversion rates dropped below %1.

At 6 Seconds, your conversion rate is 0.6%

Bounce Rates also plummet.
Pages that were just one second slower experienced a 56% increase in bounce rate. 

This Is HUGE.

Conversion Rate
Bounce Rate

Research and Charts by SOASTA.

Conversion rate – Number of visitors to a website who were converted in customers.

Original Source: SOASTA

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