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How to Organize your computer

I do almost all of my work on my computer, but over the months the junk starts to pile up. Let’s go over how to have a squeaking clean and super organized computer!

How taking one more second to load your website can lead to 27% Less sales

Why Are You Losing 27% Of Sales? Turns out your page loads a second longer than it should.

How to setup an awesome email system for your business

Email. Its been around since 1969. 60% of it is pure garbage. But that doesn’t mean email is a bad way to communicate. Despite being 48 years old, Email is still an extremely valuable communication tool, for businesses tiny to huge. Let’s go over the secret to having an awesome business email system.

What pages do you need on your website?

Lets go over the top 13 pages you need to have on your website! If your website doesn’t have all of these, it may be incomplete.

The 10 Most Useful Free Chrome Extensions For Your Business

Chrome extensions may look like nothing important, but some of them are extremely powerful. The list we compiled below are some of the best extensions for business use, web design and more! Here’s the 10 Most Useful Free Chrome extensions For Your business.

Why you should have a Google home at your desk

I’ve had the Google Home for about a week now and its been nothing but amazing. My full review for productivity and for fun at work is here!

3 Common Misconceptions About Web Developing

A website is a very powerful marketing tool. Customers can research your products, find your store and even order online with a website. But there are a lot of misconceptions about websites and Web developing services. Sometimes Web developing can appear scary, expensive and complicated, but it’s really not. Let’s crackdown on the most common misconceptions about Web Developing.

Looking After Your Marketing Budget? 14 Ways To Spend Your Leftover Marketing Budget

When buying marketing for your business, your Boss probably allocated a solid amount and didn’t bother to shop around, but left it to you. But you shopped around and found a much cheaper marketing solution so you’re left with a lot of your marketing budget left over. If you look after this budget and you’re struggling to know what to spend it on, here are fourteen ways to spend your leftover marketing budget.

4 Tools That Will Boost Your Small Business’s Productivity

When running a small business with a few employees, productivity and cooperation between your small team is key to productivity. But your team does most of their work online and are struggling to cooperate on projects together. So here are four affordable programs to boost your small team’s productivity.

Our Free buyer persona template

Download our complete free Buyer Persona template. All you need to do is print it out and fill it in with your data. This Template is designed for our free Buyer Persona Course, where we run through what a persona is, how to use them, conducting research, filling in the template and more! Its free!

Not sure what a buyer persona is? Not sure Why do you need a buyer Persona? Take Our free Course!

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