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How do you organize your computer? Here are the secrets to having an ultra clean computer!

How do you organize your computer? Here are the secrets to having an ultra clean computer!

I do almost all of my work on my computer, but over the months the junk starts to pile up. Let’s go over how to have a squeaking clean and super organized computer!

Why you should clean your computer

  • Clearing out files that you don’t need can free up hard drive space, and make your computer run faster.
  • Having a clear file organization system helps considerably when finding files.
  • If you organize your files, You spend less time finding documents on your computer and more time working

Step 1) Developing a File System

Open up the file explorer and navigate to your documents folder. This is where we’re going to place our organization system. Here are the folders were going to create:

  • Planning
  • Client Files
  • Archive
  • Designs, Pictures, and Logos
  • Stock Video
  • Stock Audio
  • Human Resources
  • Finances
  • Legal
  • Office
  • Products and Services
  • Research
  • Resources and Ebooks
  • Templates
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Website
  • Other

On your keyboard, hit Control-Shift-N and name the first folder ‘Planning.’ Repeat this process until you have all the folders that you need from the list above. Now you have a proper file organization system, let’s go put some stuff in it!

Step 2) Cleaning out your downloads

Everytime you download something on your computer, it usually ends up in the downloads folder. A lot of people don’t move things out of the downloads folder when they download them. BIG MISTAKE! You can spend literal hours in this garbage dump searching for files. So go through this folder, and one by one organize the files into the file system we made earlier. If you don’t need something, delete it. Don’t be worried to delete things, if you need them in the future you can redownload them. Holding onto files you don’t need is like hoarding thousands of tv shows that you don’t watch.

Step 3) Cleaning out your emails.

First, empty the deleted box. It’s not a place to store emails, it’s a place to delete them. Now open up your spam inbox, See how much crap’s in here? That’s slowing you down, so go ahead and click ‘Delete all.’ Another email box that’s using a lot of storage is your sent mailbox. You should only keep emails here that you may need to send again. You can go ahead and delete all this as well

Step 4) Organising your emails

Let’s make an email organization system! If you use gmail, on the left side of your page, click ‘Create new Label’ as shown in the picture. Then name this label a category of email that you receive, such as ‘Client Emails’. Repeat this process until you have numerous email labels. Now right click them and change the color of them. Now that we have an email label system in place, check all the emails that you want to label, click the label icon, and choose the label to put them into. Now you can easily sort your emails!

Step 5) Organising your desktop

If you can’t see your desktop background clearly, you need to clean out your desktop. Start organizing all your files into the file system we made earlier, to make your desktop squeaking clean! An alternative would be to use Fences, which is an awesome program that makes your desktop incredibly organized, by making mini shaded folders on your desktop and organising all your programs into them. Now go find yourself a pretty background that’ll inspire you. On large screens, beautiful backgrounds look AMAZING!

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