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4 Tools that will Boost your Small Business’s Productivity

4 Tools that will Boost your Small Business’s Productivity

When running a small business with a few employees, productivity and cooperation between your small team is key to productivity. But your team does most of their work online and are struggling to cooperate on projects together. So here are four affordable programs to boost your small team’s productivity.

1. G Suite (gsuite.google.com)
G suite is an awesome and affordable service by Google that helps employees to collaborate a lot better. It integrates seamlessly into Google Drive and allows users to collaborate on documents in real time, have video conferences and make suggestions. Every user gets their own account and email under your domain. For only $5 a month with 30GB of storage for each team member it’s one of the best ways to improve your productivity.

2. Trello (trello.com)
Trello is an online note keeping and collaboration software. It allows you to create boards for projects, were lists separate cards which contain information on something, include todo lists and comments. Users can flag cards with colors to indicate the status/timeframe of a card. For only $0 this is the best way to keep track of tasks and share ideas on a project.

3. Hubspot CRM & Sales (hubspot.com)
Hubspot free CRM is the best way to keep track of clients, record messages and phone calls, research information, track the status of a deal and assign notes and tasks to customers. It has browser plugins that integrate perfectly with Gmail and Outlook and includes detailed reports on your clients. Hubspot Sales allows you to track deals with clients and view reports on projects. Hubspot CRM is free and Sales has a free version, but it’s worth paying to upgrade to the paid version.

3. Form Builder Jotform (jotform.com)
In its latest major update, jotform has become the most powerful and easy to use form builder that allows you to create beautiful advanced web forms. In jotform users can collaborate on designing forms and generally help each other make the form. Jotform starts off free, but for more than five forms upgrading to the premium packages is required.

4. Zapier (zapier.com)
Zapier allows you to set up automated scripts to do the hard work for you. You can set up ‘zaps’ to do tasks for you such as getting a form response and moving it into a spreadsheet and to print it. There are many premade zaps, but you can make your own. There are many hundred services and programs that integrate with zaps to do the boring work for you so you can focus on growing your business or other tasks. Zapier starts off at free, but for more than five zaps you going to have to pay.


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