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Handy Office Tech Review #1 – The Google Home and Google Home Mini

Handy Office Tech Review #1 – The Google Home and Google Home Mini

I’ve had the Google Home for about a week now and its been nothing but amazing. My full review for productivity and for fun at work is below.


  • Really handy for reminders and productivity.
  • Incredibly easy Music playing.
  • Good Voice matching and recognition.
  • Really, Really good speaker.


  • Doesn’t work with G Suite, Google enterprise software solution.
  • Doesn’t do some important commands like place calls.

How to Buy

You can buy the full-size Google Home for about $200 dollars, but if you can’t justify spending triple digits for a speaker with the Google Assistant built into it I’d recommend the Mini version that’s only $60 bucks. It does the exact same commands but the audio quality is significantly worse and it’s much smaller.


The Google assistant is really handy for setting reminders and calendar events extremely quick, say during a phone call. But somethings, like pairing it with your mobile and answering or placing calls on it, are not possible for some reason unless you live in America or Canada. If you need an answer quick, but CBA to type, just ask Google. The assistant can understand a lot of commands but sometimes you’ll need to try a few times, changing the order of words or using synonyms to get the response you want. One huge letdown is if your workplace uses G Suite, Googles corporate cloud-based software, it won’t work properly.

The Speaker and Microphone

The Speaker is actually really amazing if you get the full-size version. It has a good amount of base and can go pretty high in volume, but the Mini’s speaker is pretty bad. It sounds a bit like blasting music out of a horrible phone speaker. The microphone can pick your voice up from a pretty good range of both devices. But the coolest thing about the microphone is how well it can differentiate from different voices. So if my colleague comes along and says ‘Whats on my calendar?’ it reads out his calendar, not mine.


If your in need of an assistant but can’t afford to hire one, I’d recommend¬†you pick up a Google Home mini for work, but I’d suggest you also get one for pleasure as there really handy to have around the house. If you have a small open office you share with a few people, I’d suggest you pick up a full-size Google Home and slap it in the middle of the room. Don’t pick one up for work if your company uses G Suite software though. I love this thing and even raved about it on the Jwm Facebook.

I give the Google Home and Google Home Mini a 7/10.

Thumbnail credit: Google

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