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The 10 Most Useful Free Chrome extensions For Your business

The 10 Most Useful Free Chrome extensions For Your business

Chrome extensions may look like nothing important, but some of them are extremely powerful. The list we compiled below are some of the best extensions for business use, web design and more! Here’s the 10 Most Useful Free Chrome extensions For Your business.

How to Install a Chrome Extension

Click the extension you want to download below to go to the extensions page. Then follow the instructions below:

Your extension is now installed (:

1. LastPass Password Manager
LastPass is extremely useful software. Its probably one of the best free password managers out there, and its Chrome extension is very powerful. LastPass saves every password you enter and auto fills it in the login page. Because you only need to remember one password to unlock LastPass, it lets you make all your passwords extremely long and complicated, so they can’t be hacked.
LastPass secures all your passwords with very strong encryption, so even if LastPass was hacked, the hacker couldn’t see any of your passwords. It also allows you to store payment info, secure notes and much more! Best of all: It’s FREE!

2. Grammarly

Before I signed up for Grammarly, I thought that I wouldn’t need it. Oh, how wrong I was!
Grammarly is probably the most advanced grammar checker I’ve ever seen. In normal documents that I couldn’t find any errors, Grammarly would find hundreds and would correct them. For the low cost of NOTHING, its very useful software.

3. OneTab
You know those moments where you have 50 tabs open and can’t find your way around? I hope you had OneTab. When your tabs start to get small, hit the OneTab button and it’ll close them all and put all your web pages you had open In one simple tab. If you frequent a group of websites, you can lock them to never go away, and open them up at any time. Google Chrome saps A LOT of memory, so your computer will thank you.

4. Pablo
Ever found that image on a website that would look oh so awesome for your next Facebook post, but can’t be arsed to edit it? Pablo is for you. In the corner of every image, you’ll see a Pablo Button. Click it and it opens the photo up in a very simple photo editor, where you can add headers, effects and much more! Then you can just press one button and BAM its on Facebook!

5. ColorZilla
Every found an awesome color that you can’t recreate? You need ColorZIlla! Just press the ColorZilla button in the extensions menu, and you can just pick a color from a webpage and get the exact color code they used. This one is extremely useful for web design.

6. WhatFont
Picking a good font is pretty hard and looking through the list of fonts can be tiring and boring. So why not steal someone else’s font? Find someone’s website with a font you like, then just click the WhatFont button and click on the text. Now, you got the exact font, text size, color and formatting for that bit of text, that you can copy on your website or document.

7. Window Resizer Pro
As a web designer, testing on different devices is HARD work. This is not a lie:

So Window Resizer Pro is a much easier way to test your site on every device imaginable. Just click the device you want to test your website on and it’ll resize your browser to the exact size of that device. Web Designers will be annoyed if they didn’t know about this one before.

8. Page Ruler
There are not many good ways to measure up the sizes of things on a webpage, until now. Page Ruler lets you set the coordinates, and find the exact measurement in pixels, of that square. Extremely powerful in the right hands.

9. Monosnap
Monosnap is probably the best screenshot software I’ve ever used, and their chrome extension is no different. Just click the Monosnap button, and you’ll get a perfect screenshot of your computer. Which you can then edit in there easier to use editor. You can add instructions to the screen, blur out certain parts and much more!

10. Google Publisher Toolbar
If you run a website with Google ads enabled, you MUST get this extension. It lets you track your earnings, block certain ads, see your stats, the leaderboard for the day and more all in a small popup window.

FUNNY BONUS! 11. Make Trump Tweets Eight Again!
Whichever side of the political debate you’re on, Make Trump Tweets Eight Again is just GENIUS! It changes the look of all of Donald Trump’s supreme tweets from bold text, to a child’s messy crayon smudges, Check it out:

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