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Top 13 Must Have Pages for your Website:

Top 13 Must Have Pages for your Website:


When I used to build websites for people, a lot of them asked me: What pages do I need on my website? So I compiled this list of the top 12 must have pages for your website. It’s not a one size fit’s all for every website, but most of these will apply.

  1. Home Page
    This is probably the most important page on your website. Because your newest website visitors come here first, it’s important that this page is perfect. You need to make a beautiful and clean homepage that easily tells the user what you do, and why you do it better. Once they have figured out you do, you want to funnel them into one of your product pages, so they can see what you do in more detail.
  2. Product Pages
    Well written product pages are very important to have. They should easily explain why your product is better than your competitors. People usually come to your product pages from the home page, because they want more details on what you do. Some also come straight from Google, so its important that these pages are optimized for search engines.
  3. About Us
    Explains your mission, vision, history and brand information all on one page. This is important information to have because a lot of potential clients think that no mission or vision statement just means that your vision is to make money, and not care about your customers.
  4. Contact Us
    People need an easy way to contact you, so compile all of your det’s into one simple contact us page.
  5. Landing Pages
    Landing pages are very important to have, and they need to be designed perfectly for maximum conversions. Landing pages usually have different headers and footers and are sometimes separate from the rest of your website. They usually revolve around trying to get the user to do something to convert them, such as filling out a form, getting a quote or giving you a call.
  6. FAQ
    A Frequently Asked Questions page or FAQ. (Not to be confused with f***) is a page where you provide answers to your most commonly asked questions.
  7. Terms and Conditions
    In other words, legal crap. Although only your weird cousin reads these, there still extremely important to have. If you want one of these, get a lawyer to write them. Or if you’re lazy use an online generator, however, they may not be very good.
  8. Blog/Newsroom
    If your business sells designer clothes, and just got a brand new exclusive rare shirt in stock, wouldn’t you want to rave about it? That’s what your blog and newsroom are for. You could make posts on your blog about how this brand of shirts are the highest quality and best looking in the world, and announce in your newsroom when the latest brand comes into your shop.
  9. Pricing
    Depending on your type of business, a pricing page may be necessary. This helps consumers easily compare your business to your competitors. If your advantage is cheaper pricing, you’ll want to really put your pricing page out there. An example of a pricing widget is below.
  10. Testimonials/Reviews/Cast Studies
    Testimonials (Or other human proof) that your products or services work is a valuable way to prove to your potential clients that your service is right for them. A good testimonial includes the person’s full name, photo, job title and company name/website (if applicable). You could also make a reviews page or a case study’s page.
  11. Sitemap
    Helps a user easily navigate your website by displaying all your pages in a tree form. Also needed for SEO.
  12. Media/Brand Information
    These are important for really showing off what your brand strives to do, and this information is used by Media or Press. You could include downloads to your logos, the fonts you use, the colors you use, your personality and more.
  13. Photo Gallery or Portfolio
    This one only applies to some kinds of businesses. If you’re a designer you could show off all of your hard work in a photo gallery, or write about each project and say how you helped this customer achieve this.

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